Market Experience (MX) Cloud

Gain a More Holistic View

Experience intelligence is more than just listening to traditional customer feedback. You also need answers to questions like, how am I performing versus my competitors? What is the story behind non-buyers? How do consumers feel about my brand? Now you can focus on insights from the broader market—competitors, non-purchasers, and other sources of information not readily available from traditional CX programs.

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Turn Your Findings Into Action

It’s good to have meaningful data, but what does it really mean if you don’t act on it? Our intuitive CX apps give you the intelligence you need to make positive changes that improve your relationships with your customers.

Consult the Market

Understand the Landscape

Ask questions of the market, enabling more informed decisions and a well-rounded understanding of the competitive landscape, trends, and what drives customers’ decisions. We can help you understand how a message, offer, or new product is resonating in the marketplace, so you can more confidently make immediate adjustments and tailor future efforts.

Non-buyer Data

Gather Elusive Feedback

For many brands, the percentage of potential customers who come into a store or visit a website and walk away empty handed is high, but fairly easy to calculate. The more difficult task is gathering meaningful data on non-buyers and why they didn’t purchase.

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Access Market Insights with Ease

Customers’ expectations are forever increasing, and to be successful within this competitive landscape your business must keep pace with those rising expectations. We help you dive deep into additional data sources to uncover a 360-degree view of your brand.



Market Surveys

Bring Consumer Insight into Your Business

Access market data outside of CX. Gain access to our live community and sample groups where you can choose what type of customers you want to hear from. With both buyer and non-buyer sample groups, you have the flexibility and resources to start getting valuable insights instantly.

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See Where You Rank against Your Competitors

Analyze unstructured data from sources like review sites, social media, and surveys to show you where you rank against your top competitors in near real-time. Our benchmarking solution empowers you to slice and dice data by geography, brand, channel, and more.

Quickly Get the Answers You Need

Making data-driven decisions is a must, but there are some questions your existing customer data may not be able to answer. Maybe you’re looking to find out what your customers thought of a recent promotion you ran, or you want to gauge interest in a new location. Our market surveys empower you to quickly create and distribute ad-hoc surveys that provide those answers on-the-fly.

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