Discover the Stories in Your Customer Feedback

You have questions about your business and, often, the answers are hidden in your customers’ feedback. However, it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive to dig through the thousands of comments you receive every day.


InMoment’s DIY feature, Explore, provides a quick and easy way to search through all your customer comments—including web or voice surveys, social comments, online reviews, and video feedback—for specific topics (attentiveness, out of stock, service, etc.) or keywords (product name, employee names, competitor mentions, etc.) that are relevant to your business at any given time.


Instant insights

Explore quickly and easily helps you find answers to your most pressing questions, including questions about products, services, employees, competitors, and more.

Comments from all sources in one location

Your customers leave their feedback in a variety of channels. InMoment Explore lets you easily search all sources of customer feedback at once—voice, web, video, and social.

DIY data exploration

Slice and dice data by sentiment, customer segment, topic, word, or phrase to get results tailored to the issues you care about.

Timely and relevant results

You save time running and reviewing reports by getting the relevant answers you seek in Explore. Explore is part of all Hub 2.0 subscriptions, giving you real-time access and the power to discover stories within your customer comments.

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