Track and Resolve Customer Issues

Simplify case management and get a new perspective with VoE

This is not just another case management solution. Resolve simplifies the management of customer experience cases, allowing you to reduce individual customer churn, understand larger trends, and quickly understand root cause.

Unlike a traditional case management system, Resolve offers a holistic view into the customer experience.

Incorporate the voice of your employees

Get a different perspective on the customer experience by including employee feedback. Our solution uses specially tuned text analytics to surface the most common topics to help determine root cause and steer business decisions.

Track individual cases and larger trends

Cases are based on specific customer experiences. Resolve helps you effectively manage, prioritize, and understand individual incidents as well as widespread occurrences.

Enable quick resolution

Real-time alerts, via mobile push notifications, text, email, and dashboards help you address problems immediately to turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Receive guidance on prioritization and recommendations

Prioritized case lists let you know which issue to address first, depending on how long the case has been open; the staff member handling the case can also choose to escalate it and move it to the top of the list if necessary.


Empower organizational change

Resolve is a simple, effective way to empower time-pressed employees to manage, track, prioritize, and resolve customer experience cases, communicate with customers, and get insights on where additional coaching is needed. Seamless communication available directly from the InMoment app makes handling cases easier than ever.


Incorporate VoE with VoC for a 360° view

Employees have a unique perspective on the customer experience, and you need a way to seamlessly collect their impressions and recommendations. We enable the employee handling a case to leave their comments on recommendations for improvement and actions they took to resolve the issue. This allows you to understand root cause behind your customers’ feedback.

Integrate CRM data

Knowing your customers is the first step toward creating a positive brand experience. Resolve integrates with your CRM data to ensure you have a holistic picture of who your customer is, when, where, and how they've interacted with your brand, and a way to contact them to resolve outstanding issues.

How It Works

A customer has an experience with your brand and has provided feedback.

The customer’s feedback is analyzed using InMoment’s advanced analytics. If a negative experience has occurred, a case is created and prioritized.

Managers and employees can see the history of the issue, resolve it, and record their own feedback. Employees can also escalate the case to the correct manager.

Managers can view closed cases to provide coaching and identify common themes throughout the business.

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