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Helping You Make Data-Driven Decisions


Making Decisions Based on Customer Data

It is up to you to run a tight ship. Decisions need to be made. How many employees are needed in this department? What kind of budget will this project require? Decisions of this magnitude cannot be made based purely on anecdotal evidence. They must be supplemented by data.

Moving from scores to actionable insights in operations requires making big decisions that are supplemented by data.


How InMoment Can Help

Quickly analyze your data

No more digging through raw data. Alerts, reports, and dashboards let you see the whole picture in seconds

Track key metrics

NPS, OSAT, and churn rate all in one place

Present organized information

Dashboards display both quantitative and qualitative data in a simple, easy-to-read format.

Manage and resolve customer issues

Ensure that cases are prioritized correctly and assigned to the appropriate department.

“Our goal is to create a 360° view of our client experience. We want as many data points as possible so we can address current issues in real time, and plan ways to improve for the next season.” —Tim Carter, H&R Block’s Director of Operations Support
for the Client Service Organization



Is a product out of stock? A location understaffed? Discover will automatically detect these types of issues and alert the relevant departments.


Take advantage of your existing data. Quickly search all channels to find relevant data as specific or broad as you need to inform your decisions.

Executive Dashboards

Get a snapshot of your organization’s key metrics for a quick understanding that can be exported, shared, and used in presentations.


Cases prioritized based on experience score, age of case, and escalation status, allow users to address the most pressing needs quickly and efficiently.

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