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Understand Your Guests’ Needs to Create Loyalty


Keep Track of What Matters to Your Guests

Word of mouth plays a major role in bringing more guests to your restaurants, but what happens when word of a negative experience gets out? The consequences of such an instance can be dire, but with so many factors and trends to monitor, creating consistently positive experiences can seem like a daunting task.

Case Study

“Life Outside the Box: How Pizza Hut Delivers Innovative Customer Experience by Harnessing the Power of Employee Stories”

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How InMoment Can Help

Resolve complaints quickly

Understand feedback, address cause, and take the necessary actions to reduce customer churn, ultimately saving vast amounts of revenue and time.

Interpret Product Performance

Measure customer responses to new menu items with real-time insights that uncover patterns, trends, and abnormal spikes in comment topics.

Coach and Engage Employees

Give your frontline employees the feedback they need to deliver positive customer experiences and your managers the insights necessary to provide effective coaching every day.

Predict the Future

Understand your guests and their habits today, so that you can gain a more accurate view of how they may behave in the future.

Detect Anomalies

Is an ingredient out of stock? A location understaffed? Our tools analyze multiple channels to detect such concerns and alert you immediately for quick resolution.

Get the Whole Picture

Aggregate data from audits to loyalty program information, even weather patterns, to get a holistic view of the customer experience and understand the trends that impact your business

“InMoment is part of the conversation at every level of our organization... We receive feedback on new products, are able to create effective training programs, and decide where to allocate marketing dollars. You can’t put a price tag on that sort of business-steering intelligence.” —Annica Kreider, VP of Brand Development, Mellow Mushroom



This always-on anomaly detection tool notifies you of immediate concerns so you can address them quickly and effectively.


Efficiently close the loop on customer concerns with a tool that prioritizes cases by score, age of case, and escalation.

Executive Dashboards

Get a snapshot of your organization’s key metrics for big picture understanding that can be exported, shared, and presented.


Take advantage of your existing data with a tool that allows you to find relevant data as specific or broad as you need.

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