Exceptional Care Is More than Improving Outcomes


Improving Both Outcomes and Experiences

Today, your patients are treating healthcare decisions like other buying decisions and behaving more like traditional customers than patients. They have more power, more knowledge, and more options than ever before. This wealth of resources combined with healthcare’s heavily personal nature means that creating positive interactions is even more imperative to overall satisfaction, but how do you ensure a great experience at every touchpoint?


“Three Reasons Health Systems Should Invest in Improving Patient Experience”

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How InMoment Can Help

Understand Your Patients

Gain a more complete view of your patients’ experience so you can allocate resources where they will be most useful, ultimately giving them the care they really want.

Reduce Churn

Connect with patients in more authentic ways, gaining richer insights on how you’re delivering on promises and where you’re falling short.

Resolve Patient Issues

Ensure that patient concerns are prioritized correctly and assigned to the appropriate department so you can address them quickly.

Avoid Survey Fatigue

Survey programs such as HCAHPS present patients with cumbersome surveys that don’t give enough answers. Our solutions allow patients to tell stories when, where, and how they want, getting you better data.

“Every person in our organization impacts the consumer experience. We want all of our employees to receive feedback and ask, ‘How is what I’m working on today going to drive customer service and allow my department to be more customer centric?’” -Dave Kriesand, Vice President for the Consumer Experience Center, Banner Health



Cases prioritized by experience score, age of case, and escalation status, allow you to address the most pressing needs quickly and efficiently.


Take advantage of your existing customer data. Quickly search all patient comments from all channels to find relevant stories.

Executive Dashboards

These configurable overviews display your health system’s key metrics so you can gain insights that are easily exported.


Discover automatically detects, surfaces, and prioritizes anomalies, allowing you to respond quickly to time sensitive issues.

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