XI Platform

Transform Experience Data into Actionable Intelligence

XI Platform Overview

The InMoment Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform brings together intelligence about your brand, customers, employees, and the market to help you understand and identify the critical intersection of what creates meaningful experiences that will drive revenue and increase business performance.

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Modern feedback authoring environment

Listens across any channel, existing feedback technology

Supports hundreds of data sources

Advanced data science allowing meaning-based computing

Advanced visualizations & collaborations

Built-in applications for executives to frontline

Globally scalable infrastructure

Mobile friendly

Entirely SaaS-based

What is the InMoment XI Platform?

Comprised of three clouds—the Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, the Employee Experience (EX) Cloud, and the Market Experience (MX) Cloud—the XI Platform delivers insights about your business from the most critical lines of intelligence.

How We Do It

A Different Approach to Your Data

Data doesn’t just exist in one format or come from one source. Experience data lives in every part of your business, so we take a different approach: we ingest and store all data in its original form, which enables us to analyze it with the right lens, maximizing the quality and relevance of the insights you receive.

Data Sciences Infused in Every Step

InMoment’s proprietary data science is built into every part of the platform, supporting more intelligent conversations and interactions, and enabling us to extract more meaning from your existing data, no matter the source. This unique infusion of data sciences ultimately transforms simple metrics into meaningful analysis, which means richer data, more context, and better decision support for you.

Flexible Enough to Support Any Role

At InMoment, we believe that technology should always be built on a flexible, scalable architecture that enables everyone from the CX professional to the executive to access the apps they need to do their job effectively. We’ve built the XI Platform to customize and tailor the intelligence users receive, ensuring everyone gets the relevant insights they need to support the job they need to perform.

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