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  • Oct 16, 2017

    How Discount Tire Uses Customer Advisory Boards with VoC for Customer Understanding

    By David Van Brocklin, Sr. Director, Customer Success

    In my last blog, I discussed several lessons learned from Choctaw Nation as part of our recent webinar together. This webinar gave listeners the opportunity to hear from different companies about their experiences implementing a CX program, so for those of you who missed it, I am going over each segment in a series of blog posts.

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  • Oct 12, 2017

    Top 10 AI Terms Every CX Pro Should Know

    By Adam Jordan, InMoment Data Science Team


    There’s a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in CX these days, and while most CX pros won’t ever write an algorithm, understanding the fundamentals of analytics and AI is no longer an option — it’s a necessity.  Following are the top 10 key AI terms every CX practitioner must know in order to keep up with the AI conversation:

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  • Oct 11, 2017

    3 Mentionable Moments from CX Online Summit 2017

    By Greg Lloyd, Vice President, Customer Experience


    CX Online Summit 2017 is a wrap! Thank you to all of you who tuned in. We hope you left just as inspired by the content as we were in creating it.

    There were so many valuable moments in each segment, but I have chosen a few of my favorites to highlight:

    1. JD Nyland and Joel Diamond on the Importance of Ease

    When it comes to providing any variable in the CX equation, the easier it is to contribute, the better.

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  • Oct 06, 2017

    4 Lessons on Launching a VoC Program from Choctaw Nation

    By David Van Brocklin, Sr. Director, Customer Success


    InMoment recently hosted a webinar with three of our clients to discuss the lessons they’ve learned as they worked to establish their CX program. In “Three Things I Wish I Would Have Known When Starting/Growing a CX Program,” I facilitated interviews with Choctaw Nation, Tony Roma’s, and Discount Tire, where we discussed lessons from their individual CX journeys.

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  • Oct 05, 2017

    3 Ways Telecoms (and Other Businesses) Can Improve their Customer Experiences

    This post was written by Andrew Park, Sr. Director of Customer Experience Strategy, and was originally published on IT Pro Portal. View it here.


    In today’s digital world, consumers’ dependency on telecom services like mobile, streaming and the almighty internet will continue to increase. And while this ever increasing demand means higher revenues for telecom, it hasn’t translated into good news for customers. While seeing some improvement in recent years, the telecom industry still hovers at or near the bottom of every major customer experience index.

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