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February 7, 2019

Is Your Customer Experience as Good as You Think It Is?: CX Trends You Need To Know

For our 2019 CX Trends Report, InMoment surveyed both consumers and brands to understand the alignments and disconnects in how well or poorly customer experience is delivered. While there are some bright spots, the overall takeaway is that most brands are still struggling to find ways to do right by their own needs while also serving the evolving needs and expectations of their customers.

January 17, 2019

How to Use Storytelling to Drive a Winning Customer Experience Presentation

When customizing a story, you should highlight the key benefits that are most relevant for your audience. What do they care about? For example, you can show the C Suite how your work boosts customer satisfaction and key metrics, increases demand for their product, expands their market, and benefits the bottomline. By outlining the central benefits, you are building increased value for your audience.

November 29, 2018

Sharing Means Caring: What Brands Need To Know In The Post-GDPR Era

Data is the new currency. But without trust, brands can’t cash in on it, and it may actually cost them. Since consumers have more power over their data than ever, it’s up to brands to explicitly state the value they'll deliver in exchange for it — and then consistently keep their promises.

November 15, 2018

Three AI Applications to Transform Your Customer Interactions

There’s more need – and competition – than ever to deliver meaningful and powerful customer experiences. Fortunately, technology like AI is helping bridge the gap, creating more value for both companies and customers, and allowing brands the opportunity to truly differentiate on customer experience.

November 8, 2018

Consumers Want Experiences, Not Just Transactions: Retail CX Trends You Need to Know

It used to be that retailers considered the four “P’s” of marketing when pushing their wares to consumers: product, price, promotion and place. Today, however, not many brands can rely on a single “P” to differentiate, but are instead dependent on one big “E:” experience.  

October 25, 2018

Earning (and Destroying) Customer Loyalty: Retail CX Trends You Need to Know

I’ve heard a lot of CX and marketing pros declare the old-school type of loyalty -- “faithfulness to which one is bound by pledge or duty” according to Merriam-Webster -- is dead. We wanted test this assumption while also exploring whether there might just be more complexity to customers’ commitments.

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