Customer Experience (CX) Cloud

Turn Customer Feedback into Business Value

Customer feedback is everywhere; the challenge lies in knowing how to make sense of it, prioritize it, and understand it in the context of its impact on the business.

Understand what your customers are saying to and about your business, and combine it with other data into a single source of intelligence to drive action.

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Extract Meaning and Drive Action

Customer data doesn’t only come in the form of surveys; it’s also in chats, call transcripts, social media, online reviews, and other sources. No matter what form your CX data takes, we can extract meaning and help you drive action.

Multimedia Feedback

Digital Suite


Richer and More Meaningful Feedback

Multimedia feedback gives you the flexibility to meet customers on their terms, ensuring richer data, more powerful stories, and a better customer experience. It’s time to make the feedback experience an opportunity to enrich—not alienate—the customer.

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Create Relevant Survey Experiences

Our digital suite puts you in control. Configurable triggers allow you to choose who you survey as well as when and where. Reach out to your most loyal customers and find out what keeps them coming back or target non-buyers and gather their notoriously elusive feedback.

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Harness the Power of the CX Ecosystem

Bring the power of contextual data into your CX program by integrating with virtually any data source—from CRM, to financial, social, POS, business processes, and beyond.

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Understand What Your Customers Are Saying About You

In order to understand your customer data, you need to enrich and analyze to find meaningful outcomes. Our platform goes above and beyond, sharing the intelligence found from your data directly to you.


The CX Cloud enriches customer data using advanced data sciences techniques such as sentiment, tagging, translation, and more—allowing us to analyze it at a more meaningful level and transform information into intelligence.

Advanced Analytics

At InMoment, we use advanced analytics to understand customers’ feedback, enriched with contextual data to give you a holistic view of the customer experience and predictive modeling to provide insights about future behavior. Learn More

Anomaly Detection and Impact Analysis

You need a solution that listens to your customers in real time, letting you know if they are speaking about a particular topic in a significant way, understand the impact of that topic on your main scoring metric, and prioritize actions. Learn More

Turn Your Findings Into Action

It’s good to have meaningful data, but what does it really mean if you don’t act on it? Our intuitive CX apps give you the intelligence you need to make positive changes that improve your relationships with your customers.

A/B Testing

Proactively Monitor CX Impact

Track, monitor, and understand the impact of specific issues and actions on your customers’ satisfaction. Customize the issues you want to watch, compare regions against other regions, and get better insight into how different initiatives are performing against a control.

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Case Management and Alerts

Resolve Customer Cases in Real Time

Simplify the management of customer experience cases and get alerted about potential issues in real time. Our case management feature allows you to reduce individual customer churn, understand larger trends, and quickly understand root cause through the eyes of your employees.

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Dashboards and Reporting

Visualize and Share Your Data

Every CX program is unique, and the way you view and act on your data is too. Our dashboards allow you to easily view and understand the metrics that matter most to your business.

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Action Planning

Coach Employees to Maximize Impact

Action planning and regional summaries arm managers at the local, regional, and area levels with simple procedural steps to solve service and satisfaction concerns before they become problems. Help your managers understand top strengths and weaknesses in order to coach employees effectively and help them learn and grow.

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