Employee Experience (EX) Cloud

Engage Your Employees and Improve the Bottom Line

Employees play a critical role in your business: More engaged employees lead to lower turnover, higher productivity, happier customers—and a multitude of bottom-line benefits. In addition, employees have a unique perspective on the customer experience, whether they are interacting with customers on the front line or behind the scenes making decisions that affect them.

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Increase Your Wealth of Employee Knowledge

Happy employees equal trustworthy and proactive employees. However, trust takes time and in order to build relationships with your employees, you must make them feel valued. Employee intelligence will allow you to see what is most important to them and your business.

Feedback Lifecycle Management

Flexible, Real-time Feedback

An annual 50-question survey can be helpful, but it can’t possibly capture all the nuances of each individual employee’s story. Our employee feedback solutions offer a variety of feedback options from periodic queries, to real-time check-ins, to moment-of-truth listening points throughout the employee journey—ensuring a comprehensive and ongoing understanding of their experience.

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Greater Insight From Greater Context

Listen to, understand, and share employee feedback alongside data gathered from other touchpoints along the employee experience journey. Our solution integrates both customer and employee data to create a holistic view. By integrating data, it allows your brand to better understand and leverage employees to positively influence the rest of the CX equation.

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Multimedia Feedback

Collect and Ingest Richer Employee Feedback

Deliver better business outcomes through richer sourced data, stronger relationships with employees, and compelling stories that increase internal engagement and success.

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Acquire Valuable Insights from Your Employees

The EX Cloud enables you to better understand not only employees’ personal work experience, but also their perspective on the customer experience they play a role in.


Getting employees to give you their honest feedback can be difficult. Employees want to share their stories—but they also want to make sure their feedback won’t be used to penalize them for being honest. We ensure complete privacy and confidentiality by automatically setting specific response thresholds and hiding identifying employee data.

Text Analytics

Today’s employees want to contribute to the success of your brand. They want to feel connected and contribute in authentic ways. The EX Cloud uses employee-tuned text analytics to better understand what your employees are saying and predictive analytics to detect potential employee turnover.

Root Cause

While customer feedback is invaluable, customers don’t understand your business processes. However, your employees do. The unique perspective that comes from their regular interactions with customers and their own knowledge of how business processes work can help you get to root cause quickly and identify new business opportunities more effectively.

Understand the Voice of Your Employees

Giving your employees a voice not only has a positive impact on your staff but also improves the efficiency of your business and quality of the customer experience.

Dashboards & Reporting

VoE in Case Management

Identify New Business Opportunities More Effectively

Understand the interplay between employee and customer satisfaction by bringing the data from both groups together in one system. The EX Cloud offers a suite of reporting tools for a variety of roles—from executive overviews, to manager coaching, to employee recognition.

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Incorporate the Voice of Your Employees

Get a different perspective on the customer experience by including the voice of your employees. We enable the staff member handling a case to leave their comments on recommendations for improvement and actions they took to resolve the issue.

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