The InMoment panel is an easy-to-use resource to answer pulse questions or surveys that supplement your CX program. With our panel, your organization will be able to understand more about how your buyers, and non-buyers, perceive your brand.

Get Quick Answers to Pressing Questions

When you need answers, you don’t have time to wait for the results of a full market research study. The InMoment platform allows you create questions for a consumer panel and define the parameters of the sample group. The ability to choose target demographics gives you the flexibility to request feedback from the audience you want to hear from most.

Supplement Your CX Program

Once the survey request is sent out to the panel, feedback is displayed with the InMoment platform in near real-time. You can then use the report to better understand your target demographic’s feedback on a particular issue, or analyze it side-by-side with your other experience feedback.

Understanding a Global Community

The InMoment Panel is comprised of consumers from around the world who can offer unique insights relevant to your business. These members share their opinions and experiences daily through quick pulse polls, live discussions, interactive surveys, video feedback, and more.

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