Customer Experience Solutions

Flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs


Discover how InMoment can provide the flexible solutions you need to create positive customer experiences, tailored specifically to your role.


Track brand awareness, perception, competitive trends, campaign performance, and get a holistic view of CX using feedback your customers are already providing.

CX Professionals

Run your program more effectively and efficiently so you can differentiate your business based on the customer experience. Make sure that big decisions are supplemented by data.

Data Analyst

Get real-time alerts about changes in customer behavior while getting the tools you need to explore and analyze previously siloed customer data.


Understand and resolve inefficiencies in operational processes, vendor management, staff training, and more.

Human Resources

Measure, track, and understand employee behavior to reduce turnover and improve overall job satisfaction.



Create positive brand perception and experiences at every customer touchpoint, whether your business is OEM, sales, repairs & services, or rentals.

Financial Services

Enable more personalized account holder engagement on all channels to develop brand loyalty and keep up with your evolving client base.

Food Services

Keep track of guest feedback while monitoring trends and keeping employees engaged so you can provide the best guest experience possible.


Understand your patients, reduce churn, and foster personal relationships to create positive interactions while improving outcomes.


Get the most out of your customer and employee data with actionable insights to create a differentiated customer experience that sets your brand apart.


Get the insights you need to go beyond the data, understand your clients, and create experiences as innovative as your product.


Get big picture insights, empower employees, and monitor brand perception to create the memorable experiences your industry is known for.


Provide innovative customer experiences driven by advanced analytics that let you know what matters most to customers at every touchpoint.

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