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Too much data, too little insights

Understanding your customer and their experience is at the center of everything you do. What do your customers most appreciate about the services you provide? Where can you make informed changes to improve that experience?

Collecting customer data is pivotal to finding answers, but sorting through that data to find real insights can be time consuming and ambiguous.

Collecting customer data is important, but truly understanding your customers and their experiences is at the center of everything you do.


How Inmoment Can Help

Sort Data Quickly and Effectively

Analyze your data without having to sort through piece-by-piece. Alerts, reports, and dashboards give you a clear overview in seconds.

Derive Actionable Insights

Our VoC solution gives you the opportunity to analyze collected data and uncover the areas where your resources will be best allocated.

Prepare for the Future

Understand customer needs today and track the trends of tomorrow so you can stay up to date and ahead of the curve.

Track Your Progress

Monitor your brand perception for an accurate understanding and consistent CX growth.

“Before InMoment, our survey had ballooned to more than 10 minutes, and we were seeing abandonment rates of 15 percent. Thanks to InMoment’s ability to search and analyze unstructured data, we’ve shifted our entire feedback approach, allowing customers to tell us what’s most important to them.” —JOCELYN WIESER, SENIOR RETAIL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ANALYST, CABELA’S



This anomaly-detection tool is always on, making sure you’re notified of any problems so you can take action as quickly as possible.


Uncover hidden insights in your existing customer data so you can make informed decisions for the best possible customer experience, without having to send more surveys.


This tool prioritizes customer concern cases by score, age of case, and escalation status, which lets you close the loop with customers quickly and efficiently.

Cx Analyst Tool

A DIY tool that allows you to access and analyze large quantities of current customer data by slicing and dicing your data any way you choose.

Configurable Dashboards

Every organization is different, so why should their dashboards be the same? This tool allows you to arrange content to get the insights you need at a glance.

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