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You've collected the data. Now what?

It’s up to you to put out fires before they start. But problems such as siloed data, limited time, or working with many different tools can leave you feeling like you have both hands tied behind your back.

Even when you know what you’re looking for, it still takes time to sift through all the data. By the time you’ve found what you needed, the opportunity to act may have already passed.

Moving from scores to actionable insights as a data analyst means predicting problems and putting out fires before they start.


How InMoment can help

Be Proactive with Data

De-silo your customer data so you can be proactive in your job and communicate the insights and stories you find in a consumable way.

A Starting Place

Alerts and anomaly detection around specific data draw your attention to opportunities and problems while they are still actionable.

Quicker Conclusions

Trends and patterns are detected automatically, giving you more time to analyze their meaning.

All in One Place

Combine all CX and contextual data in one place.

Polished Models and Reports

Designs and creates models and reports from data  for them

Text Analytics/Predictive Analytics

Our text and predictive analytics are integrated every step of the way, allowing for deeper insights.

"With Discover constantly monitoring our customer data, my team can focus their time and considerable talents on the most strategic projects. And the intelligence we’re able to surface is transforming our insights from a historical snapshot, into a real-time guidance system for every area of our business." —Jocelyn Weiser, Senior Retail Business Intelligence Analyst, Cabela's



Discover automatically detects, surfaces, and prioritizes anomalies, allowing you to spend less time digging and more time acting.


Take advantage of your existing data. Quickly search all channels to find relevant data as specific or broad as you need.

CX Analyst Tool

Access and analyze large quantities of current customer data with this DIY tool. Slice and dice your data any way you choose.

Executive Dashboards

Quickly build, synthesize, analyze, and visualize data relevant to your organization for quick and clear understanding.


No need to rip and replace. Use InMoment’s best-in-class analytics with existing VoC data from vendor for more actionable intelligence.

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