Employee Engagement for HR

You Can’t Succeed Without Your Employees


You Can't Succeed Without Your Employees

A customer-centric culture is key to a differentiated customer experience, and engaged employees are key to a customer centric culture – but where do you start and what does it take to create more engaged employees?

Decades of data has confirmed that engaged employees equal lower turnover, higher productivity and happier customers. Many organizations have a VoC program and an employee engagement or VoE program, but who owns these programs can vary. With the variety of collection and survey tools out there, being able to quickly and effectively analyze customer and employee data can be near impossible.

A customer-centric culture is key to a differentiated customer experience, and engaged employees are key to a customer-centric culture.


How InMoment Can Help

Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Retention

Create engaged and fulfilled employees by first understanding why they churn and then taking the necessary actions to prevent it.

Identify Broken Processes and Inadequate Tool and Training

Uncover root cause on specific issues from operational inefficiencies to barriers in order to deliver great experiences to customers.

Industry Benchmarks

Determine a baseline for your organization and see how it compares to the competition.

Nurture a Creative and Motivated Employee Base

Employees are the frontline of your CX, and they have the answers you’re looking for—, all you need to do is ask.

“We are happy to have InMoment as our partner in our quest to understand and take action on engagement levels of our employees. Insights developed by them have been extremely helpful to us in understanding what our employees feel so we can respond to their needs.” —Amy Messersmith, Chief People Officer, Pizza Hut


Multiple Options, Unified View

Compare employee and customer satisfaction levels,  isolate employee feedback to discover trends, or aggregate responses by department and location, all in a single platform.

Empowered to Succeed

Employees and managers receive insightful, real time feedback that motivates, guides, and empowers them to provide more meaningful customer experiences in return.

Employee-Tuned Analytics

Built on the same engines as IBM’s Watson, InMoment’s Employee-tuned Text Analytics surface the important insights that will drive meaningful change.

Guaranteed Employee Privacy

Employees want to share their opinion, but they also want to know that their comments are anonymous and that they won’t be penalized for critical feedback.

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