Maximize Your Marketing Efforts by Listening To Your Customers


Using Customer Feedback to Strengthen the Brand

Today’s brands are always changing and evolving to keep with the needs of their customers. Your customer’s experience is more than just a survey or a score. Instead, brands are wanting to lead in their industries by making the move from scores to actionable insights that drive business.

For Marketing, that means tracking trends and impacts on brand perception at all times and knowing how to use these insights to drive and shape the future of your CX program.

Moving from scores to actionable insights in marketing means tracking trends and impacts on brand perception at all times and knowing how to use these insights to shape the future.


How InMoment Can Help

Listen to and Understand Customers

Gain a more complete view of your customer experience and how you can bridge the gap between your brand promise and your customers’ expectations.

Reduce Churn

Connect with customers in more authentic ways, gaining richer insights on how you’re delivering on brand promises and where you’re falling short.

Actionable Insights

Collecting VoC feedback is only the first step. Implementing one solution for comments, reporting, metrics and alerts allows you to surface the right insights and take fast, appropriate action.

Predict the Future

Understand your customers and their habits today, so that you can gain a more accurate view of how they may behave in the future.

“We’ve successfully decreased the amount of time it takes to resolve customer complaints. We’ve continued to improve our processes, and as a result, are winning a lot of new business in the marketplace. What we’re doing is being noticed by current and even potential customers. Word of mouth is spreading.” —Mark Smith, VP Customer Experience Leader,
Element Fleet Management


Track Brand Perception

Automatic detection, surfacing, and prioritization of issues means you can be aware of and make the changes necessary to improving the perception ofyour brand.

One Dashboard Multiple Insights

With all your information in one place, you can track and better understand the what, where, when, how, and why of the customer insights—as well as its impact on your business.

Uncover further understandings

Get more out of the feedback you’ve already collected without having to rip and replace. With advanced analytics, your data will provide answers to questions you didn’t think to ask.

Interpret Campaign Performance

Learn what’s working and what needs adjustment with real-time insights that uncover patterns, trends, and abnormal spikes in comment topics so you can address them quickly.

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