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Providing Competitive Customer Experience

Your customers interact with your services every day, so chances to create positive experiences are plentiful. Whether they’re calling in with a question, paying a bill, or requesting a service, customers expect personal, time-efficient interactions that make their lives easier. No matter what utility service you provide, innovations are essential, but how do you best invest in CX innovations?

Case Study

“Westar: Harnessing Positive Energy”

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How InMoment Can Help

Understand Customer Needs

Learn how you can best serve your customers at every touchpoint with advanced analytics that unearth insights from your existing data.

Take Action Quickly

Get notified of problems and anomalies immediately so you can take action and put out fires before they start.

Spark Employee Motivation

Arm your call center representatives, technicians, and supervisors with real-time feedback that empowers them to provide meaningful experiences.

Resolve Customer Issues

Address customer complaints quickly and efficiently with cases prioritized by time, score, and escalation status to reduce customer churn.

“Our goal is to give our customers every option—from in-person, to the web, to mobile... InMoment’s real-time listening and reporting, integrated text analytics, and other capabilities stood out, and gave us confidence that they can, and will be a valuable partner as we continue to grow our customer experience program.” —Alicia Grissom, Customer Experience Representative, Westar Energy



Take advantage of your existing data. Quickly search all channels to find relevant data as specific or broad as you need.


Discover automatically detects, surfaces, and prioritizes anomalies, allowing you to spend less time digging and more time acting.

Executive Dashboards

Quickly build, synthesize, analyze, and visualize data relevant to your organization for quick and clear understanding


Cases prioritized based on experience score, age of case, and escalation status, allow users to address the most pressing needs.

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